Epidemiology without Borders


We are a curious, driven and genuine group of individuals who unite around the common goal of scientific discovery.

We cherish diversity -- of thoughts, backgrounds, experiences, skills and opinions.  We encourage (even relish!) respectful debate, and we value each others' quirks. 

We believe that livestock animals are an essential and valuable part of our local and global society.  We eschew the notion that livestock production is inherently at odds with human and environmental health.  And we use scientific discovery to advance livestock production in a "win-win" manner --  to benefit animals, humans and the planet. 


"Bridging science & society"

Connecting and sharing our work with the broader world is of primary importance. Learn about our outreach program.


Animal Sciences/Veterinary Medicine Building

Office 385D and Food Centric Corridor 

1988 Fitch Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55108


Tel: 612-624-3562

We are always looking for motivated, curious people to join our lab.  If you are interested, please send an email with introduction and CV to Dr. Noyes.